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Everwood Treatment Company, a family-owned business, has been in the wood treating industry for over 30 years. Our operation began with a small cylinder in Irvington, Alabama. As our business grew, the need for more property and production capacity grew. In August 1991, we relocated to Highway 31 in Spanish Fort, Alabama. 

Since then, Everwood has only continued to grow. We’ve added a remanufacturing facility, two dry kilns and a stacker. We now also operate fully automated computerized treating cylinders. This automation allows for consistent quality control in all of our treating. We also have several warehouses that offer lumber storage for customers. Our state-of-the-art facility provides customers the opportunity to work with a one-stop shop for all their wood treating needs.

We serve both stateside exporters and domestic markets. Our domestic market is targeted at the independent, family owned businesses. Our service area extends from Texas to Maine, with the majority of our business centered in the Southeast United States. 

Our location on the Gulf Coast is a geographical advantage with the export market because a majority of our export customers uses the Port of Mobile. We also ship to the ports of Pascagoula, Mississippi and Jacksonville, Florida. The use of these ports offers our customers the ability to be competitive worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Jay & Cheryl Hudson
President, 32yrs
Secretary Treasurer, 32yrs

Jay and Cheryl's hobbies include sporting clays, water activities and their favorite - working with customers. These two business partners have been married for 27 years and have one daughter, Caroline, who is currently attending the University of Alabama on an academic scholarship.
-Mobile, AL

A quote from Jay Hudson, President of Everwood Treatment Company:

"My wife and I have been fortunate to be able to work with so many great people. Most of our closest friends are also our customers. Now their children and our daughter are forming their own friendships. That's been the most rewarding part of my career."

Chuck Chalifoux,
Receiving Clerk, 11yrs

Chuck has two young children and loves to watch sports (especially football and basketball). He aspires to be a writer one day, retire in Oregon, and hopefully never be a greeter at WalMart.
-Chicago, IL

  Steve Cheatham,
Sales Manager, 15yrs

Steve and his wife, Denise, have one son, Bryce, who is a Sophomore in high school. In their free time, they spend a lot of time at the movies, at the gym, grilling out and jogging.
-Bay Minette, AL
Chris Dumas
Multimedia/Marketing Manager, 1yr

After graduating from the University of Alabama in 2011, Chris moved to New York City. There he worked as a Production Manager for many Broadway Shows, as well as Television and Film that took him all over the world. After touring for a few years, he has finally come home to Alabama. His hobbies include College football, baseball, soccer, and making short films.
-Mobile, AL

  Kimberly Regan,
Accounts Receivable, Less than 1yr

Kimberly grew up in New Orleans and has lived in Florida and Central Alabama. She relocated to South Alabama when her daughter, Shannon, was accepted to the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science. Since moving here, she has enjoyed exploring the Gulf Coast area and often returns to New Orleans to spend time with her family. She is a die-hard Saints fan and enjoys reading and watching movies, football and NASCAR.
- New Orleans, LA

Trey Gantt,
Shipping Manager, 11yrs

For leisure and fun, Trey enjoys activities like chasing the golf ball around, riding ATV's with friends and spending time outdoors. Trey has been the Shipping Manager at Everwood for over 10 years.
-Spanish Fort, AL

  Darrel Green,
Operations Manager, 13yrs

Darrel is a sports enthusiast. Specifically, he enjoys golf, Nascar racing and Alabama football. He has been the Operations Manager at Everwood Treatment Company for over 12 years now.
-Spanish Fort, AL
Amy Hammonds,
Office Manager, 11yrs

Amy has been in the lumber industry since she was 18yrs old, joining Everwood in 2005. Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, Chad, their daughter, Ashley, and their 14-year-old lab, Mason. Currently, her hobbies include remodeling their home near Mobile Bay, cooking, gardening, traveling and walking to sunsets with a drink in her hand.
-Atmore, AL

  Jim Haygreen,
Sales/Pattern Stock, 2yr

Jim has been in the lumber industry since 1975. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Forest Products Marketing and from the University of Idaho Dry Kiln Operator Clinic. His wife and son have lived in Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Georgia and Alabama..
Tim Nevitt,
Director of Training / Business Development, 1yr

Tim and his wife, Mary, have two daughters, Mandy and Tanya. They also have one grandson, Connor White, born August 1st, 2014. In his spare time, Tim enjoys church, reading and golf on occasion. He is a student of business and marketing strategy.
-Aurora, IL

  James Sedlack,
Export Manager, 17yrs

James is married and lives in Foley. He likes Alabama football, fishing, hanging out at the beach and hot rods. He also enjoys snow skiing, watching television in the evening with his wife and two dogs and, of course, eating at McGuires Irish Pub.
-Silverhill, AL
Jeramy Simmons,
Purchasing Manager / Inside Sales, 7yrs

Jeramy moved to the Mobile area to play baseball at the University of South Alabama. He signed with the NY Mets in 2004. He met his wife Alicia while playing and moved back to the area to plant their roots. They now have a very active little boy and recently welcomed a daughter to the family. In their spare time, Jeramy and family enjoy spending time outdoors, hunting, fishing and playing sports.
-Jacksonville, FL
  Buddy Walker,
Domestic Sales, 4yrs

Buddy has two sons and enjoys football, basketball and baseball.
-Jacksonville, FL


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