Everwood Treatment Company is an independent, family owned and operated business. We have been in the wood treating business for over twenty-five years. Everwood began its business with a small cylinder in Irvington, Alabama. As the company's business grew, the need for more property and production capacity increased. In August 1991, the company relocated to Highway 31 in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Since that time, Everwood has added a remanufacturing facility, two dry kilns, a stacker and operates fully automated computerized treating cylinders. This automation allows for consistent quality control in all of our treating. We also have several warehouses that offer lumber storage for customers.

Our domestic market is targeted at the independent, family owned businesses. Our service area is from Louisiana to Maine, with the majority of our business being in the Southeast United States.

Our location is a geographical advantage with the export market because a majority of the export customers utilize the Port of Mobile. We also ship to the ports of Pascagoula, Mississippi and Jacksonville, Florida. The utilization of these ports offers our customers the ability to be competitive worldwide.

Our mission at Everwood Treatment Company is to consistently provide our customers with the highest quality products and services in a timely, efficient and friendly manner.
Everwood Treatment Company PO Box 7500 Spanish Fort, AL 36577 (800)226-3444